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The naked Business Man

Bitter Maturity: Stéphane Bret is defined as the defender of freedom of thought and expression

I really want to talk about the novel Stéphane Bret, Bitter Maturity published in 2013 by Éditions Dedications .

Stéphane Bret was born in Paris in 1951 and currently lives in Boulogne- Billancourt . Avid avid reader and admirer of all cultural fields : theater, cinema, exhibitions, etc. .

Stéphane Bret is defined as the defender of freedom of thought, expression , “My orientation : the rehabilitation of the role of knowledge as a means of emancipation, really general culture for the exercise of free will (…) .”

His latest novel Bitter Maturity really reflects his state of mind freedom through journalism , a profession you will tell me , in front of that freedom.

Sylvain Grati is the main character of the novel, a journalist who carries us through his reflexive evolution through various events in the news : in May 1968 , the election of François Mitterrand in 1981 , the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, the first Gulf War in 1991.

Over journalistic career, Sylvain Grati and password journalism of opinion, that it will defend a certain time journalism connivance . The experience of character is built in a development such as a man lives his childhood to adulthood , I am talking about maturity.

All fire and flame at the beginning of our lives, we build our own identity by defending our own opinions and confronting our parents. And then, progressively , we assagissons , we understand the different interactions or rather the rules of the game: “(…) this man strives to practice high ideals , both products of an education demanding and the influence of peers in Europe 1 (…) . He feels the last two events as a closure announced the triumph of ideological unanisme a threat to the exercise of his profession (…) . “

Not easy to keep its own professional beliefs , we must believe that its coverage on the news led him to perceive his job otherwise.
Yet !

Sylvain Grati is indeed a journalist, but also a man, a man who also lives with love and not a little. Three women will share his intimate life : Nathalie Mandel , Press magazine for fashion and beauty , Kate Robson, American journalist and Celine painter.

Nathalie Mandel evolves in this fashion world , a world of collusion ? In any case, Sylvain Grati “(…) however, could not bring himself to be in a world marked by superficiality and made futile appearances (…) .” A world to which it belongs as “(…) the regular practice of swimming, fitness , all combined with a healthy almost monastic life, had enabled him to literally sculpt his body and appear very attractive (…) " .

Kate , meanwhile, more for the sake of ideas and actress brainstorming households in the political sphere. Moreover, Sylvain Grati enjoy this American mentality .

Céline represent the inner sphere of the main character: ” (…) Sylvain had the opportunity to enter the atmosphere of the place : in seclusion , impregnated with a protective intimacy conducive to concentration , in perfect harmony with the creative wills its occupant.

Stéphane Bret has perfectly to history a dichotomy related to the character . To be more specific , professionally , he spent Journalism opinions ( as said before ) journalism unanisme by cons in his private life , he spends a relationship related to the superficiality a relationship linked to the world individual creation . Of individual intelligence to influence group professionally and vice versa in his private life .

- Yoan Sourisse ( France )

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A city in Spain has a single inhabitant : the mayor

The smallest ten cities in Spain draw with big letters the depopulation  problem that affected Spain in the last hundred years. The newspaper ABC , City Illán de Vacas (Toledo ) has only one local - the mayor - and nine other cities in ten people who are in the provinces of Teruel , Guadalajara , Burgos , Soria and Spanish autonomous community of La Rioja .

These ten locations are and in some provinces or regions most affected by the lack of population or aging. In addition , your records indicate even more people than those who actually live in each such area. The extreme case is that of Illán de Vacas , where registered as such is the only native Renilla Mayor Julián Bru .

Rural exodus and members go in search of better opportunities in the cities caused depopulation . In such localities came harder civilization progress , development or infrastructure for electrical installations and service . The situation was not the same always : in some cases the decay was accelerated in others - progressive since a century ago .

Mistakes you do in the shower that affect your beauty

imageAlthough there are numerous care and beauty tips that we receive each day from dozens of sources, there are mistakes that we make every day and do not even know, but they dramatically affect our appearance.

If you want to know what mistakes you make since the first hour of the morning, when you get in the showe, and how you can fix them read the tips below.

1. Use water that is too hot. Especially in the cold mornings it is hard to imagine a shower with only warm water. However, hot water is not good for the skin, on the contrary it emphasizes dehydration can lead to itchy skin and increases cellulite.

Warm showers or alternative showers are more suitable, if you want beautiful skin as it activates your  circulation and helps you fight against cellulite.

2. Too much soap. Any dermatologist will tell you that no matter how many times you take a shower a day, the soap should be used only once. Soap is tough enough on your skin and used several times a day it spoils the natural barrier of the skin. So if you wash with soap in the morning, do your evening shower with water only.

3. You’re not using the shampoo right. It’s useless to invest considerable amounts of money in shampoos if you don’t know how to use them. The shampoo is applied by gentle massage of the scalp and it should not be rinse immediately, especially if a specific action shampoo - dandruff, for growth or volume - but it should be left for 2-3 minutes to act and only then rinse with water as cold as you can.

4. You’re not using the conditioner right. The conditioner should be applied to the lower half of the hair just like your shampoo, let it work for a few minutes before rinsing. The last running water that passes through the hair must be cold, so to close the hair cuticle and remain bright.

5. You do not use the cream when needed. Very few women know when to apply body moisturizer. The few minutes after the shower is all too important. Do not wipe with your towel, which can equate to a friction scrub, but slightly buff the skin with a soft towel. It is not necessary to remove all the water. In the first three minutes after the shower, when your pores are still open, it is important to apply a moisturizing oil or cream. Thus hydration is at a deeper level of the skin and you enjoy a smoother skin all day.

The European Parliament adopted the educational program of 14.7 billion over the next seven years

The European Union is to invest 14.7 billion over the next seven years, the program Erasmus + precursor adopted Tuesday by Parliament.

After adoption by the European Parliament, the European Commission proposal to be submitted for adoption in the European Union Council, scheduled for December, according to a press release from the European Comsiei.

Erasmus + will start in January 2014, the source said.

The new EU program for education, training, youth and sport, scheduled to begin in January, will run for a period of seven years, which aims to stimulate the development of skills and employability and supporting the modernization of education, the training and youth.

The program, which will have a budget of 14.7 billion, 40% higher than current levels, will provide a total of 4 million people to study support to attend training for work or to conduct volunteer abroad.

Students who intend to pursue a full master studies abroad, which rarely grants or loans available national will benefit from a new loan guarantee scheme, managed by the European Investment Fund, said the source.

Also, Erasmus + will provide funding for staff education and training for youth workers and partnerships between universities, colleges, schools, businesses and nonprofit organizations.

The new Erasmus + combines all existing schemes for EU education, training, youth and sport, including the program of learning throughout life (Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci, Comenius, Grundtvig ), Youth in Action, and five international cooperation programs ( Erasmus Mundus, Tempus, Alfa, Edulink and cooperation program with industrialized countries ). This will facilitate the understanding of the opportunities available to candidates, while other simplifications in turn will facilitate access to the program.

Who will benefit from Erasmus +:

  • 2 million students in higher education will be able to study or train in abroad, including in the 450 000 internships;
  • 650,000 apprentices and vocational education students will receive scholarships to study, to form professional or work abroad;
  • 800,000 school teachers and university, trainers, staff members and workers in the field of youth will have the opportunity to teach or offer training courses abroad;
  • 200,000 graduate students following a full course in another country will benefit from loan guarantees;
  • over 500,000 young people will be able to conduct volunteer abroad or may participate in exchange programs experience;
  • 25,000 students will receive scholarships to pursue joint masters programs, which means to study at least two higher education institutions abroad;
  • 125,000 schools, educational institutions and professional training, higher education institutions and adult education, youth organizations and companies will receive funding to establish 25,000 strategic partnerships in order to promote the exchange of experience and create contacts with the labor market;
  • 3,500 educational institutions and enterprises will receive support for the creation of over 300 knowledge alliances and the sector skills alliances to boost employability, innovation and entrepreneurship;
  • 600 partnerships in sports, including European events of non- profit, will also benefit from funding.

Obama asked the head of HBO to obtain for him in advance episodes of ” True Detective ” and “Game of Thrones “

U.S. President Barack Obama would have asked HBO boss Richard Plepler last week during an official dinner , to give them to him before the official launch of the episodes of True Detectives ( Detectives in Louisiana ) and Game of Thrones ( Game of Thrones ) according to The New York Times.

It is known that Obama is a fan of the TV series Homeland ( Network of Terror ) and House of Cards ( Backstage Power ) .

The request was made ​​at the dinner held in honor of French President Francois Hollande , on an official visit to the U.S..

So far there have been broadcasted in the U.S. five of the eight episodes of detectives in Louisiana , but Game of Thrones will premiere only on April 2 , so if the president would get the episodes in advance , this would be a real demonstration of power.

How cool would it be if I could do that too? :)